Shoreham Middle School, Shoreham, Long Island, N.Y.

In December 1973, because of my many years teaching talented High School in Hofstra's Saturday Morning Art Program I was asked to submit my 'Resume' to the Shoreham School District for consideration in a 'Teacher in Residence' program. I was lucky enough to be chosen for that position. The program lasted from March through May, 1974. The school included 'welding' as part of its 'Shop classes'. So, all the equipment that I needed, was already there in the school. I found it very fulfilling to be able to create full time and still show the students that a 'trade', that was included in their curriculum, could also be used for creating Art .

It was a once in a 'lifetime adventure' for me to be demonstrating and teaching 'Welded Steel Sculpture' to these students.