Jewish Community Center, Salt Lake City, Utah

In  August 2008, I received a notice that the J.C.C. was having a 'Hanukkah Market' and was looking for vendors to sell their Art items. I thought that it would a great idea to take some of my sculpture there, so that people could see my work. I also decided to creating a sculpture specifically for that event. After doing some research, I realized that most Hannukah Menorahs have the same shape. I wanted to bring another form to that design. So, I designed a Menorah that was very organic in style. It was to be more tree like and free formed. It was a hit the moment that I put it on display and sold quickly. I have continues with that tradition every year since then. I create one or more new Menorahs each year. The event organizers are always anxious to see what I have created. I hope to continue that tradition for many years to come.